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Get The Look - DTR Street Style

Lilly Collins was photographed recently wearing fashion’s latest trend: a wonderfully polished and stylish kimono. I especially love this outfit because it works for both day & night and, even better, you probably already have the majority of the fundamental pieces in your closet.

To recreate this look, I recommend Paige’s “Skyline” Skinny Stretch Jeans in Black Ink (available at Nordstrom) paired with Like Mynded’s Floral Print Kimono. I especially love these Combined Wedges from Zara that are the perfect addition to complete the outfit. Add a basic white tank & black purse, and accessorize with a killer necklace (like this Compass necklace from Urban Outfitters) or statement ring (like this one from Forever21) and you’re good to go!

DTR Styles - Pick of the Week

Unfortunately not all of us have been graced with killer, model-esq genetics, and tend to rely on heel height as a staple principle while shopping for shoes. I’ve become a huge fan of wearing wedges, just because they are more stable than your normal stiletto, but still give you that extra ‘umph’ of height (plus, when the wedge has a platform, your foo doesn’t have to endure unecessary pain from an extremely high arch). While shoe shopping, I came across Steve Madden’s wonderful collection of wedged sandals that are fabulously high in height, yet remain fun and stylish.

I especially loved their Mainsqze style, because the wedge almost gives the illusion that you’re wearing a chunky heel. I also loved their Warmthh style because the color seen at the base of the heel breaks up the entire wedge, thus making it seem less higher than it actually is (which lets your peers think that you actually contribute to that extra inch of height instead of the shoe).

These shoes are fun, flirty and definitely make a statement on their own. In these wedges, nobody will think you’re wearing them just because you want to be as tall as your peers.