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You’ve finally decided that you want to branch out of your makeup regime and try a new shade of lipstick. Yet, so many questions are running through your head: How do you find the perfect color to complement your skin tone? Enhance your hair color? Work with the outfits you want to wear? It’s a daunting process.

When I shop for new makeup, the same thoughts go through my head. I also like finding versatile products that work for a variety of situations, making the process just that much harder. For example, I like to find the perfect lipstick that will look natural during the day but also can make a statement at night and overall, give an effortless vibe. (Trust me, these products exist!)

This past weekend I decided to go Sephora and dedicate a chunk of my day to find my next favorite lip shade for fall. That’s where I discovered the Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge lipstick line. This product allows you to choose the intensity of the lip color, by either applying directly to your lip or after a coat of ChapStick or lip balm.

For my complexion, the Aubergine Velvet shade worked perfectly. During the day, I prefer having only a slight tint of the lip color for a natural hue, but at night can apply directly for a more dramatic look. I highly recommend testing out the Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge lipstick line to see which color works best for you!