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Jennifer Goodman didn’t anticipate starting her own company when she began a hobby to keep busy and find a release for her creative itch. After her three children went off to school full time, the mother/wife/physical therapist decided to turn her design talent and passion for accessories into a business. “I could wear the same clothes everyday. For me, it’s all about accessorizing. Layering different accessories and jewelry changes your whole look!,” says the self-proclaimed ‘boho chic’ designer. Groovy Goods by Jennifer Goodman is approaching it’s two year anniversary this summer, fully encompassing the Earth Meets Glamour aesthetic.

With a heavy influence from Turkey and India, Jennifer combines natural, organic elements such as bone, metals, leather, diamonds and wood together to create stunningly unique pieces. Quality and luxury is evident throughout Groovy Goods’ entire collection as all of the materials and gems are authentic – you won’t find any rhinestones on these pieces. Jennifer believes that “jewelry is personal,” and creates many one of a kind pieces to ensure that you won’t be wearing the same jewels as the person next to you.

Last week, Jennifer invited me to her Manhattan showroom, and it took my breath away! She has such an extensive collection filled with exceptionally crafted, rare pieces and unique, edgy designs. Her website is currently under construction, but you can email me for pricing, details, and to purchase. Here are some of my favorites (so obsessed with the oversized shaved diamond rings!!)

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